Interim HealthCare Awards Therapist of the Year

Sunrise, Florida, December 5, 2013 – Interim HealthCare franchise employee Tim DeMattio of Redding, CA received the distinction of being honored as Therapist of the Year by franchisor Interim HealthCare Inc. This honor is given to those individuals whose talents distinguish them as outstanding therapist in the scope of their duties. Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Physical therapy Assistants and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants were all eligible to receive the award. This is the fifth consecutive year Interim HealthCare Inc. is recognizing the distinguished compassion and consistent performance that represent the best of therapy. DeMattio was nominated by the peers in his local office.
DeMattio is a Physical Therapist from Redding, CA who has been with Interim HealthCare for 3 years. The Redding, CA office regularly receives letters from grateful patients, family members, physicians, and surgeons thanking her for his skill, thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion and humor while he delivers patient care. When a situation arises that finds a patient’s family unable to pay for equipment or supplies, he graciously sources the equipment, picks it up and delivers it to the patient. DeMattio is gifted in his ability to work with previously non-compliant patients. He spends time with the patient, family and the referring physician to ensure they can identify and overcome barriers to successful participation in their therapy program. Patients and families describe his excellent listening skills and sincere empathy as his most significant strengths when helping people to overcome non-compliance.
The office can always count on him to find a way to juggle his schedule in his regular 40-50 hour work week to get new patients seen quickly. Even with his busy schedule, he can always be relied upon to turn in thorough documentation in a timely manner. Within the office, he mentors all new therapy staff to ensure their comfort with the policies, procedures, and documentation systems. DeMattio is also a frequent speaker at physician offices and community health fairs and does an excellent job of representing Interim HealthCare’s mission of improving people’s lives.
“Tim deserves recognition for the hard work, compassion and dedication he brings to his position, his clients and the families they serve every day,” said Karen Carnes, Chief Clinical Officer of Interim HealthCare Inc. “Therapists consistently go beyond what is required, in order to accomplish their job, and Tim is no different. We salute and recognize his outstanding contributions to improving people’s lives.”
About Interim HealthCare:
Interim HealthCare Inc., founded in 1966, is a leading national franchisor of home care, hospice and healthcare staffing companies. The company recently acquired UK-based Bluebird Care Franchises Limited, growing its franchise operations to approximately 500 global locations with more than 250 owner groups. Interim HealthCare in the United States is unique in combining the commitment of local ownership with the support of a national organization that develops innovative programs and quality standards that improve the delivery of service. Franchisees employ nurses, therapists, aides, companions and other healthcare professionals who provide 25 million hours of home care service to 190,000 people each year, meeting a variety of home health, senior care, hospice, palliative care, pediatric care and healthcare staffing needs. For more information or to locate an Interim HealthCare office, visit
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