Why Choose Interim HealthCare?

Where and how you receive care matters. Interim HealthCare has pioneered the way care is delivered through a home-based, flexible care model that combines clinical expertise, innovation and experience with highly personalized care. The result is an unrivaled caliber of care for our clients, patients and healthcare partners.

Distinguished by Our HomeLife Enrichment® Standard of Care

Enhanced Care that Enriches Lives

Built on more than five decades of experience by the people who pioneered home care, our HomeLife Enrichment (HLE) holistic model of care sets us apart. At every age and stage of care, we serve a full continuum of needs that span every service line—from home healthcare and senior care to hospice care and medical staffing. This allows us to provide exceptional care in a place that’s best for the people and partners we serve. Our HLE standard of care raises the level of care by engaging the mind, body, spirit and family to deliver an optimal care experience. Combined with our commitment to clinical excellence, HLE offers the highest quality of personalized care available.


Care for the mind is rooted in understanding. We help our clients and patients overcome barriers to care and achieve their goals through education on their condition, plan of care, safety practices and self-care.


Care for the body is focused on improving a client or patient’s physical condition. From exercise and medical care to therapy and nutrition, we help strengthen their body and promote new habits that are vital to their health.


Care for the spirit infuses joy into the lives of our clients and patients. We incorporate activities that bring happiness, address anxiety and depression, and connect them to community resources such as a pastor, chaplain or support group.


Care for the family fortifies a person’s support system and promotes understanding. We offer respite care, share information and instruct family members on their loved one’s condition, plan of care, safety practices and self-care regimens.

Making Care Personal since 1966

As the nation’s first home care and medical staffing company, we saw the need for a more personalized, flexible form of care and seized the opportunity to meet it. Our pioneering mindset and commitment to innovative practices of care has shaped us as a company and solidified our place of leadership in the industry. We believe care should be personal, clinically excellent and customized to the unique needs and locale of the people and healthcare partners we serve. Learn more about our history.

Our History

When Care is Personal, Outcomes are Optimal

Since 1966, Interim HealthCare has set out to raise the standard of home-based care through its holistic approach to care. By tailoring care to the whole individual, we are able to deliver a higher quality of care that meets the unique needs and goals of our clients and patients. Our HLE standard of care is the differentiating factor that escalates the care experience through engaging, highly personalized care. That’s why Interim HealthCare is a provider of choice to clients, patients and healthcare partners nationwide—and a leading employer of healthcare professionals seeking a rewarding career!