The 3in4 Bus Tour Hits The Road with National Senior Talent Search & Awareness Tour

Elder Care Expert Dr. Marion Offers Simple Tips for Americans to Plan Ahead for Long-Term Care, with Senior Talent Competition Offering Free Rent for a Year Worth $45,000
LOS ANGELES – May 7, 2012 – Non-profit organization 3in4 Association and its spokesperson, elder care expert & author Dr. Marion, today kicked off a 50-city bus tour to promote awareness for long-term health care planning, and launch a national senior talent contest to give away a free year-long stay at an Emeritus Senior Living community, valued at $45,000.
“It costs nothing to research your options and create a plan to address your long-term health care needs now – yet it can save thousands of dollars in the long run,” said Dr. Marion. She’ll travel across the country in a converted Greyhound bus to share her simple tips to help the millions of Americans who will need long-term care, but are unprepared for its financial impact. She’s sending out an “SOS:”
  • S - SITUATION. It’s a fact: we're getting older and living longer than ever before. Everyone will be impacted by long-term care in some way, but no one is talking about it. If you won't need it, your loved ones might.
  • O - OPTIONS. What services are available in your area, and what do they cost? From in-home aides to nursing homes, long-term care can cost thousands per month, and is not covered by traditional insurance or Medicare. Do your homework so you know what to expect.
  • S - SOLUTIONS. If you wait until a crisis hits, it’s too late. Take time now to research solutions. Talk with a financial planner, look at government programs, or ask your family how they might help. Review options like reverse mortgages and long-term care insurance to determine if they’re the right fit for you. 

Events are being planned in every city, with Dr. Marion speaking at local venues, making media appearances, participating in community fundraisers, and more. For a schedule, visit In addition, 24 Emeritus facilities along the tour route will hold live talent auditions for a chance to enter the contest. Those who can’t try out in person can submit a video on Facebook.
This year’s tour is sponsored by Emeritus Senior Living, the nation’s largest assisted living and memory care provider, and by Interim HealthCare, the largest provider of community-based home care, hospice, and healthcare staffing services.
“At Emeritus, we talk to hundreds of families every year who are looking for senior living options for their loved one. Many are struggling because they haven’t prepared for the possibility of needing long-term care,” said Jayne Sallerson, Executive Vice President at Emeritus Senior Living. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring this issue into the national spotlight, and help show how easily a potential crisis can be avoided simply by planning ahead.”
“We work with seniors and caregivers as well as health care professionals across the continuum of care, and have seen the impact of long-term care from all sides,” said Linda Shaub, Vice President of Marketing at Interim HealthCare. “It’s so important for the public to have a clear understanding of all the options available to them, so they can better mitigate the financial and emotional costs ahead.”
“It’s exciting to see so many different organizations come together to support the 3in4 Need More campaign,” added 3in4 Board Member Chris Orestis, President of Life Care Funding Group. “We share a common goal: to provide Americans with much-needed information and resources so they can make informed decisions about their future health care needs.”
3in4 offers additional support at, including a state-by-state long-term care cost calculator, a free downloadable e-book with detailed insights and information, and free membership to the 3in4 Care Network, an online wellness center offering quick, easy access to healthcare tools, services, and advice for the entire family, including children, adults, seniors, even pets.
About 3in4 Association and Dr. Marion
The 3in4 Need More campaign ( is a public service and the educational component of the 3in4 Association (3in4), a nonprofit 501(c) (6) corporation. 3in4 Need More is a nationwide movement exclusively dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of planning for one’s long-term care needs. Members of the campaign cross all industries, genders and age groups. 3in4 Need More’s national spokesperson is elder care expert and author Dr. Marion Somers (, a leading authority on aging and caregiving. Dr. Marion has worked with seniors and their caregivers for over 40 years, and helped millions of Americans through her books, website, syndicated columns, media appearances, speaking tours, iPhone apps, and more.

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