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Interim Healthcare Awards Nurse Of The Year 2010

Sunrise, Florida, May 12, 2010 - As part of the celebration of National Nurses Week, annually May 6-12th, Interim HealthCare selects one employee to receive the distinction of Nurse of the Year. This year Interim HealthCare is pleased to present the winner of the Interim HealthCare Nurse of the Year 2010 award as well as those who have been honored with a nomination by their offices.

All the nomination profiles we received are worthy of recognition. This year Interim HealthCare honors those who have demonstrated compassion and consistent performance that represent the best of nursing. In the course of reviewing applications, the professionalism and compassion of Interim nurses has shown through underscoring not only the contributions made to individual patients' lives but to communities and to the nation's health care system--building a healthier tomorrow.

These individuals represent the best of nursing at Interim HealthCare. Join us in congratulating them and recognizing their tireless commitment to clinical excellence as well as their contribution to our company and our mission of improving peoples' lives.

Winner of Interim HeatlhCare's Nurse of the year for 2010 is Ann Dozier, RN of the Tulsa, Oklamoha office. Dozier is a nurse's nurse; and a nurse that every office in our franchise network wishes to have on their team. A mature nurse, long experienced in home care with a long tenure with Interim, Ann handles any situation that comes her way with competence and compassion. Need someone to take a staffing assignment? It's Ann. Provide specialty care in home care? Ann. Billing audit, QI projects? Yes, Ann. Nasty wound problem? Of course, Ann. She takes on training assignments of any capacity and is always the first one to volunteer to participate in a new program. She was the one to first attempt the OASIS-C assessments on the mobile device, and she uses telemonitoring as a tool to collect data for clinical decision-making on her patients. Throughout all her achievements, she keeps her eye on one goal: make this patient as independent in his/her own care as possible.

Ann is the first to say that she has a profession, not a job. To demonstrate her professionalism even beyond her day-to-day actions, Ann dons her starched white uniform, white shoes and hose and her cap every year to celebrate Nurses' Day.

Nurse of the Year 2010-Runner-Up is John Wagner, LPN from the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania franchise office. Not surprisingly, John Wagner carries the torch of professionalism in his delivery of care with obvious outstanding characteristics of compassion and integrity. John's compassion is best expressed, as it is with most great nurses, in a desire to make patients as independent as possible. John recently assisted a long term patient with ALS who was hospitalized for a long ICU stay to reacclimatize to his home setting and return to his pre-hospitalization cognitive status. John took an active role in instructing the patient and his family in memory exercises, reinforcement and implementation of cues to help to restore the patient to his prior level of ability.

It's not often that a nurse comes into your office to report the receipt and the return of a $100 dollar bill that was given to him as a gift by a patient. That act takes discipline and an unusual level of professionalism. John has done just that. In the words of one of John's patients: "God bless John Wagner. I wish you had a hundred Johns". Yes, don't we all.

Lori Harris, RN from the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma franchise office was also Runner Up for the Nurse of the Year 2010 Award. Lori Harris has developed into a strong positive force in the Oklahoma City office, disseminating a very positive image for home care in her community. She has taken on the challenge of mentoring nursing students and new employees of the office. She has met this challenge successfully and several students have elected to follow a home health career path as a result of their experience with Lori.

Lori has also adapted well to new technology in her practice that has resulted in increased productivity and better patient care documentation and better outcomes. Both her Director of Health Care Services and her General Manager state "Home Health Nursing is better for Lori having been a part of it".

Honorable Mention for Special Recognition goes to Abbi Groft, LPN of the Colorado Springs, Colorado franchise office. Abbi Groft is known to her office leaders as achieving consistent effectiveness in all she attempts, both with patient care as well as participation in other office activities. She takes an active role in clinical meetings, often contributing creative solutions and alternatives to problems even in patients being cared for by other nurses.

Amy Arnett of Portsmouth, Ohio also receives Honorable Mention for Special Recognition. Amy Arnett inspires and attracts people who are passionate about the important things in life. She functions as the team cheerleader for the Portsmouth office, always turning negatives into positives. In addition to creating office activities to support a high morale in the office, she remains dedicated to maintaining a holistic approach to care of her patients, even to the point of arranging for some "doggie hygiene issues" for a patient who was the owner of ten dogs. Outcome: improved symptoms of depression for the patient

Interim HealthCare would also like to recognize all our Nurse of the Year Nominees for 2010 by their office leadership and the staff that they work with each day.

Kathy Miller - Altoona, PA
Monica Post - Amarillo, TX
Gail Ellison - Anderson, SC
Julie Burger - Asheville, NC
Debra Simmons - Bridgeport, WV
Debra Barnett - Casper, WY
Susan Williams - Clovis, MN
Abbagail Groft - Colorado Springs, CO
Kim Brooks - Easley, SC
Barbara Shea - Gainesville, FL
Victoria LaPorte - Hamilton, NJ
Melissa Alves - Hartford, CT
Vonda Rempfer - Lima, OH
Dee Smith - Lincoln, NE
Mary Zimmerman - Norwich, CT
Theresa Pritchard - Novi, MI
Kimberly Huffman - Oak Lawn, IL
Lorene Harris - Oklahoma City, OK
Christine Kelly - Old Lyme, CT
Gracie Click - Pensacola, FL
Shirley Stringer - Pittsburgh, PA
John Wagner - Pittsburgh, PA
Ruonna Nicola - Pittsburgh, PA
Amy Arnett - Portsmouth, OH
Maria Gaughan - Blakely, PA
Debbie Kowal - Somerset, PA
Mark Loehr - Spartanburg, SC
Katherine Roberts - Stony Brook, NY
Patricia Parker - Tallahassee, FL
Sam Cole - Toledo, OH
Ann Dozier - Tulsa, OK
Megan Guthrie - Uniontown, PA
Jacqueline Graham - Wilkes Barre, PA
LuAnna Abram - Zanesville, OH

Nationally, Interim HealthCare has over 300 offices in the United States and has been providing home care and supplemental staffing services, since 1966. Interim employs more than 75,000 healthcare workers and provides services to approximately 50,000 people each day. For more information, visit the Interim HealthCare website at www.interimhealthcare.com.

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