The Story of Verlin

Verlin Anderson is no ordinary weekend warrior. A lifelong jock and septuagenarian hoops star, Verlin has been on the move since he played college basketball for the Fighting Sioux of University of North Dakota alongside NBA coaching great Phil Jackson.

Now a retired pharmaceutical executive, Verlin hasn’t let age – or two total knee replacements – keep him out of the game. Still active on the courts into his middle sixties, he felt the accumulated wear and tear on his knees reach the point of no return a couple of years ago. After learning that he would ultimately need both knees replaced, he scheduled his first procedure.

After a successful replacement surgery, Verlin worked with Interim HealthCare physical therapist Sue Dion. Sue is a dynamic and creative therapist, and a lovingly firm Drill Sargent, pushing and challenging her clients to give it their all. She’s also the queen of creativity – using parts of Verlin’s home as ad hoc therapy equipment.

A typical session with Verlin may begin with flexibility exercises while seated in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Verlin, after many sessions with Sue, knows what’s in store and what’s expected, and he pushes himself.  As an athlete, he’s no stranger to a little hard work, and he keeps his eyes on the prize -which in his case, is a perfectly arched jump shot and nothing but net.

Next, comes a series of exercises designed to strengthen the repaired knee. For these elements, Sue may turn a set of basements steps into her own personal Stairmaster, or the kitchen island into the perfect platform for leg raises.  Regardless, Verlin gives it everything he’s got, intent on improving his performance every session.

After his first surgery and successful recovery, Verlin scheduled his second procedure - but only after he confirmed that Sue was available to help him with PT. He considers her his own personal “taskmaster”!

Today, Verlin is working hard with Sue to get to back on the courts and teach the youngsters a thing or two about how it was done “back in the day.”