Home Health Insights Study

Executive Summary

Shifting Perspectives about Home Healthcare

While the pandemic has begun to awaken people to a new approach and perspective about our complex healthcare ecosystem, there is a deficit in the knowledge and understanding of the continuum of care home healthcare can provide, both from a quality standpoint and in terms of cost-effectiveness. 

This study looks at key factors contributing to the lack of knowledge and use of home healthcare  and the disconnects that exist, along with the changing perspectives that the pandemic has produced:

  • Who is using home health services
  • Lack of knowledge around home healthcare
  • Understanding the use of home health for specific health conditions
  • Value of home healthcare services
  • Shifting perspectives of clients and health professionals

Conducted online by The Harris Poll, Interim HealthCare commissioned The Home Health Insights (HHI) Study to better understand consumer’s knowledge of the scope of home healthcare services and how those sentiments may have changed after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.