The Story of Ray

Decorated World War II veteran Charles “Ray” Parker has lived life to the fullest for more than 92 years.  Today, Ray lives in an impeccable and thoroughly charming retirement community nestled in the Northern California foothills. And even though the retirement home offers meals and some assistance, Ray realized that he needed additional help keeping track of his daily medications. That’s where Barbara Keithcart, PCA, and Interim HealthCare came in. Helping to ‘fill in the gaps”, Barbara visits Ray in residence each morning to make sure Ray is taking his medications as prescribed and on schedule as well as providing companionship while she’s there.  

Whether its sharing a photo book of Ray’s family or listening to stories about his military service in Patton’s Third Army, Barbara plays an important role in allowing Ray to live comfortably and safely in his retirement facility. Although Ray takes the majority of his meals with the other residents in the facility’s dining room, he enjoys having Barbara help him prepare a light snack on occasions. 

Most important, Ray looks forward to Barbara’s visits – the doorbell ringing each morning gives him peace of mind that he’s on track with his medication – which helps him continue to live an energetic and engaged life.