The Story of Lawrence

Delivering private care in the home is about making a difference and improving lives. To do that well, it starts with a relationship. For Interim CNA Sandra Payne and her client Lawrence Stein, that relationship is reflected in everything from cooking that special dish to sharing a story. Interim HealthCare employee Andrea Arjona spent a good deal time with Mr. Stein in order to truly learn about his personality before matching him with the right caregiver – which turned out to be Sandra Payne.

Lawrence Stein has lived a life of challenge and adventure. Despite being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in his thirties, this articulate, engaging and clearly intelligent lawyer spent much of his career overseas, specializing in International Contract Law. In fact, he spent much of the last decade in the United Kingdom, working, as he puts as a “barrister.”

As is the case with most MS patients, his physical condition has slowly deteriorated over time. Now in his late fifties, Mr. Stein finds it difficult to stand for extended periods of time, or perform certain household tasks. As his MS has advanced, Mr. Stein has been increasingly reliant on the kind of help traditionally associated with those of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Over the past decade, he estimates that he has worked with more than 23 different CNA’s, both in the US and abroad.

The “fit” hasn't always been ideal.

Mr. Stein believes that the ideal CNA/patient relationship is built as much on personalities as it is on service; that both parties have to genuinely enjoye one another’s company. In the UK, where the National Health system routinely rotates CNAs onto cases, Mr. Stein felt like he was having to meet a new care provider every couple of months. Some meshed; some didn't.

After relocating back to the United States to be closer to his brother, Mr. Stein contacted his local Interim HealthCare office to explore private home care options. Andrea Arjona visited in his home, taking the time to become familiar with more than just his service needs; Andrea got to know Lawrence Stein as a person. The more they chatted, the more Andrea thought of Interim HealthCare CNA Sandra Payne. She suspected that Sandra and Lawrence might just hit it off.

Sandra had come to the United States from Jamaica more that a decade before, initially settling in New York. She worked in a number of fields while she was raising her son. After sending him off to college, she considered yet another career change – and this time, she wanted to do something for herself.  Ironically, what satisfied Sandra the most was helping other people. A career as an Interim HealthCare CNA was born.

Today, more than a year later, Sandra and Mr. Stein interact with their lively senses of humor, in spite of Mr. Stein’s physical limitations. Mr. Stein has become a huge fan of Jamaican cuisine. And after a lifetime spent with over 30 CNAs, Mr. Stein will be the first person to tell you that Sandra is by far his favorite.