The Story of June

When you’re used to living a full, active life, a stroke can drastically change your life in the blink of an eye. June Arnold – an energetic senior with a 2-times-a-week tennis habit,  was enjoying the day on her daughter’s boat on Mother’s Day when she experienced a sudden weakness.  Rushed to shore and a nearby hospital emergency room, June was diagnosed with a stroke.  

After a stay in a rehab facility, she was ready to come home – but needed some assistance making the transition.  Often overlooked is the simple fact that long hospital stays are exhausting. For many patients  - particularly stroke survivors like June – something as basic as getting in an out of the shower can be extremely taxing. 

Additionally, June’s home environment presented additional challenges like stairways and sliding doors. Interim HealthCare’s Tim DeMattio, a Physical Therapist, and Sandy Funk, a Home Health Aide, have been working with June to help her live independently in her home once again. Activities that a healthy person doesn’t give a second thought –can seem insurmountable to someone recovering from a stroke. But the right physical therapy exercises are getting her back to her old life, one day – and one step – at a time.