The Story of Janet

Most of us take our ability to do everyday things – from driving to the grocery store to picking up around the house – for granted. But what happens when you can no longer do those simple things? And when there’s no one around to help?

For Janet Parrot, Interim CNA Brianne Lafond plays a key role in helping her maintain her independence and quality of life. After two heart attacks, Janet – a polished New Englander with an uncanny resemblance to Katherine Hepburn - came home from a month-long stay in the hospital feeling helpless. Although she had in-home nursing care for a few weeks after returning home, that did nothing to help her care for her home or keep up with chores she could no longer do.

For a short time, Janet lived with other family members. The irony was that while this arrangement helped take some of the pressure off her from the perspective of taking care of her home, it also robbed her, to some degree of her independence. She longed for the security and sense of self that comes with living in her own home.

Janet relocated to a large senior living community shortly thereafter, moving into a quaint studio villa. While the smaller home was certainly easier to maintain and manage, she knew that the she would still need help keeping up with laundry, cleaning her house and even getting in and out of the bathtub. More importantly, she wanted someone with whom she could connect; someone who cared.

As Janet was adjusting to her new home, Interim CNA Brianne Lafond was busy balancing a hectic but rewarding life that revolved around her patients and family. For this high-energy mother of three, Interim was the perfect career partner, offering the scheduling flexibility she needed.

Janet’s initial contact with Interim was followed with an in home visit to assess her needs – and Brianne looked like the perfect fit.

Today, Brianne helps Janet live independently in the comfort of her home. Whether it’s assistance around the house, taking her to the grocery store, helping manage her prescriptions, or simply sitting and visiting, Brianne has helped Janet get that sense of herself back.