The Story of Harriett

For Harriett Sawyer, living with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure (CHF) and recovering from valve replacement surgery could have meant a long hospital stay – or a stressful travel schedule between her home and her doctor’s office. But thanks to significant advances in healthcare telemetry - and Interim HealthCare nurses like Terri Fountaine - Harriett thrived in her home environment.

Today, state-of-the-art technology allows RNs to monitor important stats such as blood pressure, heart rate - even oxygen saturation - at home. The equipment wirelessly transmits data to the appropriate healthcare professional and keeps the patient’s files up to date. With this type of telemonotoring system, patients, family and caregivers alike can feel a little more secure that  - even though they're in the comfort of their home, their healthcare team is in the know about their condition and up-to-date with information. 

Harriett responded to the high level of patient education offered by Interim, appreciating the full explanations she received about her care and her extensive medication log. For this warm and witty senior, Interim HealthCare truly was her lifeline – and her key to staying comfortably in her own home, surrounded by the mementos of a long and well traveled life and those who truly loved her.