The Story of Donna and Her Home Care Nurse

Donna Clemons, a busy working mom was blind-sided when a series of minor symptoms was followed by a seizure and a diagnosis of brain cancer. Because the cancer is inoperable, the only recourse is an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Donna’s husband, Jeff - no stranger to personal health issues - now finds himself, along with Donna’s mother, in the position of caregiver to his wife. Donna’s care team recommended that the family reach out to Interim Healthcare for nursing assistance.

Interim HealthCare nurse Charlene Invines-Billing was assigned to Donna’s case, and she’ been a regular guest in the Clemons home ever since. Charlene monitors Donna closely, primarily looking for signs of progress – both physical and cognitive – after Donna’s stroke. So far, the signs are positive, a welcome change in a family that is determined not to let this diagnosis get in the way of raising happy, healthy children in a loving, supportive and positive environment. Charlene, a warm and upbeat healthcare professional keeps Donna continually focused on the progress that she’s making, mindful of the fact that, in a battle with cancer, a positive frame of mind is powerful medicine, in and of itself.

In that regard, Donna and her family are buoyed by a profound faith, a generous sense of humor, a love of music and family time – and the overwhelming support of friends and family.

As Donna observed, nothing is for certain in life, but that doesn't mean that you can't try to get the most out of life, and be profoundly grateful for the life you have. It's a philosophy the entire family shares.