The Story of Debbie

Home. It's a simple word that most of us associate with comfort, familiarity and security.  But for Debra Cain, home is – quite literally – her life. Paralyzed from the neck down since her late 20s, but blessed with an indomitable optimism, Debbie’s home is both her touchstone and, in a very real sense, her hospital. And although her house is her world, she certainly isn’t housebound. Debbie packs more adventure in a week than most of us do in a year. Debbie goes to concerts, Broadway shows and movies. Talk to her and she will tell you in her own words that, “she does everything.”

Debbie was injured in an automobile accident when she was in her twenties. Since then, she has been paralyzed from the neck down. As one might expect, she has faced a range of challenges – from mobility to infection.

After a recent and more serious challenge to her system – one that had life- threatening implications -  landed her in the Intensive Care Unit, Debbie’s doctors wanted to move her to a vent facility.  While this option would have given her access to round the clock care, it also meant a lifetime in a sterile, hospital environment.

For Debbie, this was simply not an option. Instead, her caretakers – including Interim HealthCare nurse Cheryl – fought for her to go home, and as a result Debbie is now lovingly cared for in her own home.

Her round the clock team now provides care for Debbie  - including ventilation - in her fully equipped “home hospital.”  Trained and monitored by a team of physicians and home healthcare experts from Interim HealthCare, Debbie continues to be able to live in a space personalized with her own collectibles, Beatles memorabilia, autographs – and the love and attention of those who care for her.

Despite a regular schedule of ventilation, Debbie is still able to enjoy a home cooked meal, and travel to shows, concerts and events. Her life is a testament to the can-do spirit that lives in us, and serves as an inspiration for her family and friends.