The Story of Betty and her Certified Nursing Assistant

Betty Kott, a spirited octogenarian with mid-western roots, likes to keep her days busy – and her mind occupied.
After raising a large family, Betty and her husband headed south for a well-deserved retirement.  When her husband passed away 4 years ago, Betty was alone for the first time in nearly 50 years - and facing declining health.
Her daughter, Bobbie, along with her husband Shelton, decided to relocate after his retirement and move in with Betty.   The couple contacted Interim HealthCare to provide additional assistance with caring for Betty.

These days, Betty’s life - and house - is full, from her daughter and son-in-law to Interim Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Margie Coker, who has been working with the family for the last three years.

 Living in a single-family home in a large retirement community, there are plenty of diversions within a short driving distance - a task that Bobbie, Shelton and Margie share.  These outings are a way of keeping Betty engaged and active as she ages.

Never content to simply sit and pass time, Betty would rather challenge her mind with board and card games  - both of which reveal her competitive side.   Besides being fun, game play for seniors has an important therapeutic benefit in that it stimulates and “exercises” the mind.  These kinds of activities are part of Interim’s unique HomeLife Enrichment® program.
Interim CNA Margie notes that Betty competes ferociously, and that she’s still seeking her first victory from Betty!

For daughter Bobbie, the fit couldn’t be better, and she - along with Shelton and Betty  - consider Margie to be part of the family.