The Story of Bernie and Help With Every Day Tasks

Perhaps the only thing harder than watching a spouse suffer from devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s is learning to live without them once they’re gone. Bernie Engel first met Marsha Helsley, PCA, when she came to care for his wife Pat through Interim HealthCare’s hospice program.

By helping with housework and day to day tasks that Pat had once handled,  Marsha and provided much-needed respite care. This little bit of help – delivered with caring and compassion  - gave Bernie peace of mind when he needed to leave the house, knowing that Pat was safely in her care. With his wife’s passing, Bernie decided to keep Marsha on in a personal care capacity.  Although his grown children lived in the same town, he had become accustomed to the companionship and cheer that Marsha brought to the house each day, filling the rooms with activity, chatter and warmth.  

Today, more than a year after his loss, Bernie continues to find comfort, support, and care from a good friend who knew his wife as well as Marsha did.  She helps keep Pat’s memory alive for Bernie, and the two consider themselves friends for life.