The Story of Benny- Caring for Veterans

For 88 year-old Navy veteran Benny Jeffus and his wife Millie, Interim HealthCare has been the key to living independently in their own home – and it came courtesy of the Veteran’s Administration (VA).  

The first clue that something was wrong came when Benny started having trouble with his balance and equilibrium - and began falling down.  His injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to a broken neck.  At the same time, Benny was diagnosed with early-stage dementia.

Millie, a tiny woman and Benny’s wife of 68 years, knew that she needed some help if they were to continue to be able to live at home independently, since the couple’s nearest family member - a son - lived and worked more than 20 miles away.  

When Benny was discharged from a rehab facility, members of his VA care team recommended Interim HealthCare for home care services.

The match could not have been better  - Interim assigned Army veteran and Certified Nursing Assistant Tabitha Hall to help take care of Benny at home - and relieve Millie of some of the pressure that comes with caring for aging spouses with early stage dementia.

Bonding immediately over their shared military backgrounds, Tabitha and Benny make a formidable team – and have forged a strong and caring relationship over the last year.  As a CNA, Tabitha helps the family with daily tasks, as well as taking great care of Benny.  As Benny puts it “I can’t imagine having anyone but Tabitha taking care of me.”

Tabitha has found a new and rewarding career after her military service, carrying on a family tradition of caring that started with her mother, a registered nurse.