The Story of Benjamin, Samuel and Lydia

Lori Safford may only be five feet tall, but she makes up for it with boundless energy, abiding faith - and a little help from Interim HealthCare. With three teenagers - two with a debilitating and progressive muscular disease - and the recent loss of her husband, Lori counts on Jane Nyagah, RN, to help manage everything from getting Ben and Sam ready for school to getting homework and meals prepared.  

Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at ages four and six, the brothers became wheelchair dependent by their early teens and, now at 14 and 16, require complete assistance with mobility-related tasks. Still growing despite their disease, both brothers already outweigh Lori, making it difficult - if not physically impossible - for her to care for them on her own.  

Lori's daughter Lydia, while disease free, still needs attention and care from mom, creating a delicate and sometimes challenging balancing act for Lori. With Jane there to help, however, the little things and the big things get done, with every member of the family pitching in to make the most of every day. Visitors to the tidy New England home are struck by not only the sense of normalcy in the home, but more importantly, the sense of happiness. "These boys have been a blessing to my life," says Jane.  

Adds Lori, "Without Jane, we wouldn't be able to get out the door by 7:30 every morning to get to school."