The Story of Althea and Her Challenges

Former nurse Althea Pisinski was no stranger to the challenges that come with neurodegenerative disease. This time, however, instead of helping patients, she is the patient.
Although she was diagnosed with Huntington’s chorea more than six years ago, Althea still brings her natural feistiness and drive to the day-to-day tasks of maintaining her motor skills and slowing the progression of the disease. Working with a care team from Interim HealthCare that includes both a Physical Therapist (PT) and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Althea follows a regimen of regular exercises designed specifically to maintain and improve physical coordination and muscle tone and receives assistance with activities of daily living.
Along with her husband Victor, the Interim teams helps ensure that Althea receives care virtually around the clock. In fact, Victor refers to himself as “the second shift.” Although they’re now empty nesters, Victor still works a full schedule, necessitating care in the home for Althea during the week. The seamless integration of care between Interim team members means that Victor can leave the house secure in the knowledge that Althea is being cared for.
A typical day for Althea might include a brisk walk, weather permitting, followed by specific, task-oriented exercises and movements. Along with exercise, Althea also enjoys a close personal relationship with her PT and CNA. Whether it’s because of a shared background or simply the result of lots of time together over the years, the patient, spouse and caregivers all regard each other as family – and it shows.