Healthy Movements Promote Independence

Healthy MovementsHealthy movements are an important part of good mental and physical fitness at any age. If a client has an interest and ability to participate in some physical activities, like walking in their neighborhood, our Care Professionals are available to participate, and be a part of this activity. 

Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Aids in the management of active problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol
  • Improves the ability to function and stay independent in the face of active problems like lung disease or arthritis
  • Reduces symptoms of depression and pain
  • Improves balance and prevents falls

Engaging in healthy movements helps stimulate the brain and assists in staying independent.  We encourage simple healthy movements when appropriate which may include something as basic as walking. Of course, participation in any activity will depend on the individuals’ condition. The individual should not participate in any activities that are uncomfortable.

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