Brain Fitness

Familiar with the phrase: “A healthy mind makes a healthy body?” We are too – which is why our services are designed to promote engagement, fun and stimulation. You may not know it, but many seniors sit alone or watch television much of the day, which provides little to no stimulation. And, many non-medical home care companies support this by providing not much more than a “babysitting service.”

We believe, through our HomeLife Enrichment Program, that engaging in some mental stimulation like “brain teasing” activities, we can keep our clients more engaged and happier with their lives.

Brain researchers have learned that our brains are just as capable of learning in the second half of life as in the first half. Brains can continue to be stimulated with simple activities such as crossword puzzles, card games or tic-tac toe. Choosing to do some brain activities several times a week can keep our minds sharp and able to function at a higher level. Typically, we get in a pattern and do the same activities over and over. While regularity is important, it’s also important to try new activities and expand a person’s abilities. It’s never too late.

The urgency, now, has begun to shift from that of medically prolonging life to ensuring that a prolonged life is worth living. From simple math calculations to word scrambles, we offer clients the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities with the help of our Home Care Professionals. There’s no pressure or competition. The activities are fun and engaging.


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