Personal Response Systems

Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of concern for the infirm and elderly, especially for those living alone. Hundreds of thousands of people are found helpless in their homes because of falls every year. It is not uncommon to hear of persons who have fallen, and due to inability to move, have spent hours or days on the floor until they are found.

In the past decade, coinciding with the dramatic aging of the population as well as with insurance concerns, great efforts have been made to reduce the occurrence of falls, or at least reduce their impact. As ominous as this may sound, it is even more difficult to imagine the feelings of desperation, loneliness, and utter helplessness that person endured during such a grueling ordeal.

Personal response and medical alert devices can be the ideal technological complement to in-home care services. In most instances, the way the devices work is when you need help, you push the help button you wear either hanging on your neck or as a bracelet. Once the button is pushed, it contacts the medical alarms unit that you plug into your phone jack and your electrical outlet. It then calls our 24 hour emergency response monitoring center. The trained professional at the monitoring center determines the nature of the call and dispatches help appropriate to the situation.

Personal response and medical alert devices have become much more sophisticated and comprehensive. They can include door and window sensors, blood pressure meters, and medication dispensing devices.

Personal response and medical alert devices are an excellent adjunct to in-home services.  They help seniors live independently and safely at home, 24 hours a day, even when caregivers cannot be present.

There is no better way to learn about a personal response system than with an in-home visit. Simply contact your local Interim HealthCare office to arrange a complimentary home evaluation and to learn how a personal response system can help keep you or someone you love safer and more independent.

*Products only available through select Interim HealthCare franchise locations.


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