Interim Connect®

Interim Connect is a device that helps many of our clients feel safe and connected to help. Imagine being able to push a button and call a trained professional 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not just for emergencies, but any time you have a question or concern. 

Interim Connect®  lets you do just that. Whether it’s the stress of coming home from the hospital or nursing home, or you’re worried about day-to-day activities, this unique senior monitoring system connects you to a trained professional at the Interim Connect® Care Center. These professionals are waiting to help individuals and their family members with any questions or concerns , all day, every day.  It’s part of the home care services provided by Interim HealthCare.*

With Interim Connect, multiple types of devices are available to meet the needs of the individual.  There are devices (cellular and land line) that provide coverage in and around the home within a 600 ft range.  There is also a mobile device which is a must have for individuals who take walks outside, ride bikes, drive their own cars, have a workout regimen, do work outside the home, as well as other outside activities and want to have peace of mind.

Interim Connect also features an optional fall detection feature which is important for individuals with epilepsy, have a high tendency to fall or have an unsteady gait.

 Interim Connect is unique in that it is integrated into many care plans in order to assist individuals with a successful transition from the hospital to home. Upon discharging a patient from a hospital, the last thing the patient or the hospital want is a readmission. Interim Connect has a proven track record of successful care transition and patient management. This has proven to be an important part of Interim’s focus on avoiding unnecessary re-hospitalization.
For other individuals, Interim Connect offers a sense of independence and a feeling of control.  For family members, Interim Connect offers security and reassurance knowing that someone is available at any time to answer questions or respond in the event of an emergency.

There is no better way to learn about these systems than with an in-home visit. Simply contact your local Interim HealthCare office to arrange a complimentary home evaluation and to learn how Interim Connect® can help keep you or someone you love safer and more independent.

*Interim Connect is only available at select Interim HealthCare franchise locations.
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