Signs That Care At Home is Needed

People in America today can expect to live longer than ever before. Once a person makes it to 65, the data suggests that he or she can live another 19.2 years, on average.  Research also shows that when you reach 65, there is  a 70% chance that you will need some type of long term care assistance during your remaining years.

One of the toughest challenges facing families today is how to figure out when a loved one needs additional care at home.  Maybe you’re worried that Dad can’t remember taking his medications, or Mom is getting out of breath when she tries to do the laundry.  These basic “activities of daily living” are what all of us take for granted when we’re young.  But it’s not as easy when you get older, especially if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease or chronic lower respiratory diseases, such as COPD.

Watch this short video to learn more about some of the signs you should look for to know if someone needs help.

Home Care Help is Available

If you recognize some of the warning signs that someone may need care at home, it’s important to talk about the situation. If you wait until it has reached a crisis point, it’s much harder.  The truth is, over three-quarters of older adults living on their own and in need of some form of long-term care depend on family and friends as their only source of help. Fortunately, you don’t have to be the only source of support.  You can get professional support which can make a difference in helping your loved one continue to live at home instead of moving to some kind of long term care facility.
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