Telehealth Services

Telehealth services from Interim HealthCare makes medical care more accessible, affordable and convenient, while positively impacting patient outcomes.

Client Benefits

Clients want care that is timely, safe and accommodating to their personal needs. Using state-of-the-art technology, our telehealth services give clients access to top medical professionals who can provide the care they need to stay well and prevent health issues. Moreover, our HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care is built into the telehealth services we deliver, engaging a client’s mind, body, spirit and family to provide the most personalized level of care. Our telehealth services help clients:

  • Gain access to medical care at a moment’s notice
  • Reduce exposure to public illnesses
  • Avoid driving to appointments and waiting for care
  • Remember when to take medication or perform daily care
  • Find emotional support for challenges they are facing
  • Engage family in the care process to ensure consistent care

Employer Benefits

Our telehealth services allow large employers to realize greater efficiencies and simplify the process for how employees receive medical care. Through key partnerships, our technology-based communications program connects directly to the plan administrator’s platform and an employee’s elected benefits to streamline the process for care. With telehealth services, employees can:

  • Enjoy easier access to care
  • Be more proactive with their health and wellness goals
  • Prevent health issues that lead to a hospital stay
  • Feel more satisfied with their medical care options

Payor Benefits

Interim HealthCare partners with payors to ensure its members and their families understand the telehealth services available to them so they can take advantage of its many benefits. This includes:

  • Reviewing telehealth services and capabilities
  • Identifying beneficial interventions and support services
  • Simplifying the navigation process for care
  • Helping members make the best decisions about their care

Our telehealth services offer clients, employers and payors a real health benefit that translates to better patient outcomes, lower costs and higher satisfaction.

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