Your Interdisciplinary Hospice Care Team

At Interim HealthCare, we offer a team-oriented approach to care. Our interdisciplinary hospice group consists of local professionals and volunteers who address the medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of the patient and their loved ones.

Our Approach to Hospice

Our locally owned and operated franchises have the flexibility and freedom to customize their hospice program to the needs of their community, powered by the resources and history of our national brand. This allows each Interim HealthCare location to build a unique, highly skilled team of professionals, volunteers, and agencies capable of providing a full range of hospice services.

Clinicians with a History of Excellence

Interim HealthCare offers the best medical and nursing care, using symptom management to address symptoms and promote comfort. Our team of skilled clinicians is structured to ensure there is always someone available to expertly address your loved one’s immediate needs and prevent delays in treatment. With over 50 years of experience and access to the latest training, our team can address the unique clinical challenges of hospice care while maximizing comfort for your loved one at every step of the way. Your clinical hospice team may be made up of:

  • Nurses who address and manage the unique needs of each hospice patient by administering and overseeing palliative care.
  • Nurse practitioners who assist hospice patients and their families with after-hours calls associated with care and symptom management. 
  • Physicians who work with the patient and family — alongside attending physicians in the community — to help manage symptoms causing discomfort and develop the right care plan to ensure continuity in medical decision-making.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

As part of our philosophy of care, we believe that the emotional and spiritual aspects of your loved one should be cared for as much as their physical body. This is especially true in hospice care, which can be emotionally and physically draining for patients and their families. Many of our behavioral and psychological hospice services are available to both patients and their families for that reason. No matter your concerns, our team of experts are here to help, and may consist of:

  • Therapists and psychologists who can help address the feelings, concerns, and worries that occur during hospice care and provide tools to help, including medication.
  • Bereavement specialists who provide support via group, individual, and family grief counseling, telephone support, and informational programs to surviving family members. 
  • Chaplains and spiritual counselors who provide emotional and spiritual care through a patient’s religion of choice to help patients and their families process the many emotional end-of-life issues. 

Community Support

No matter the disease or diagnosis, we believe in improving the quality of life when quantity is limited. Our hospice services go beyond treating physical symptoms to create a holistic care plan, including finding moments for joy and delight each day. We carefully vet available community resources to help provide an even wider range of services that meet our standard of care. From someone to help run errands to an afternoon with a friendly pup, your community team is designed to provide you and your loved one with:

  • Medical social workers who are available to ensure that patients and their families receive the appropriate care and to explore community resources to cope with the problems caused by serious illness.
  • Volunteers and charities who provide a variety of services to patients and their families, whether through meal donation, companionship, pet therapy, or other general assistance.
  • Health aides and caregivers who help to provide personal care services and  assist with basic needs like nutrition, cleanliness, and household tasks.

When It Matters Most, Count on Us

At Interim HealthCare, your loved one is at the center of a highly coordinated team with a proven history of clinical excellence. Each Interim HealthCare team member in our hospice network is educated and trained in HomeLife Enrichment®, our unique philosophy that empowers our healthcare professionals to go beyond the treatment of symptoms and care for the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of each patient. This empowers our team to work toward a common goal — the care and comfort of your loved one — and provide a service greater than the sum of its parts.