Mental Health & Depression Care

Just as we care for the physical body, Interim HealthCare’s team of qualified psychiatric nurses, counselors, and social workers can support the care and treatment of mental illness.

What is Mental Health and Depression Home Care?

Whether changes in your loved one’s mental health are in response to major life events or are the result of a mental illness, mental health home care helps your loved one effectively manage these feelings, symptoms, and associated behaviors. By working with your loved one’s existing team of primary care providers, specialists, psychiatrists, and/or psychologists, our healthcare professionals create a depression home care plan supporting your loved one’s treatment and management of daily life. Mental health care in the home can include management of medication, creation of structure and routine, assistance with exercising, and providing social support.

Loved One Needs Mental Health Assistance

How Do I Know if My Loved One Needs Mental Health Assistance?

Each mental health condition has its own set of signs and symptoms. In general, however, professional assessment and help may be needed if someone:

  • Has a noticeable, serious change in personality, eating, or sleeping patterns
  • Is unable to deal with problems or daily activities
  • Has strange or grandiose ideas
  • Show excessive anxiety when facing daily life
  • Feels depression or not caring about usual life for over two weeks
  • Thinking or talking about suicide
  • Abuses substances such as drugs or alcohol
  • Displays extreme mood swings or excessive anger, hostility or violent behavior

The Interim HealthCare Difference

The understanding that wellbeing must go beyond physical symptoms is the foundation of our standard of care, HomeLife Enrichment. Our whole-person care philosophy at the core of each care plan, combined with our history of clinical excellence in home care, makes our team uniquely situated to help care for individuals experiencing mental illness or depression. From counselors to create new paths of thought to a healthcare professional to administer medication, we’re here to help carefully consider the needs of your loved one and your family and enact a plan that works for everyone.