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Hospice Support Services

Hospice Support Services is for patients already receiving Hospice Care, Palliative Care, or Comfort Care, with an Agency Caregiver.

Hospice Support Services in Medford, OR"It is only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up that we will begin to live each day to the fullest as if it were the only one we had" Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

At Interim HealthCare of Medford, we understand how difficult it can be to make decisions about who should provide hospice caregiving and how often. This can be overwhelming for both clients who are in need of hospice, and for the family members who are responsible for their care.

Our goal is to create a feeling of comfort and reassurance. This feeling comes in the knowledge that our caregivers are highly trained, very capable, and have deep compassion for those with whom they work. . We understand that every client has a unique set of needs and we place the utmost importance on making each indivdual in our care as comfortable as they can be.

The Family Caregiver:

Striking a balance between caring for a loved one who is on Hospice and the demands of your own life can be both physically and emotionally challenging.

Part of our Hospice Support Program is Respite Care, which provides breaks from the daily routine of caregiving and helps relieve stress, restore energy and promote the necessary balance in your life.

Whether it’s for a few hours or for 24 hour in home support, you can count on us to provide the support you need. We do not replace you … we help make you better and let you have time to be the family member and not only the caregiver.

For Hospice Clients:

Our caregivers can give you the care and support you need during this time if your family is long distance or if you just want to hire an agency caregiver when you need more assistance. We can do a free in home assessment to help you decide when you want to in home care support services.

When and How to Start Hospice Caregiving Support Care:

We start by getting to know your routine during the day for a few hours and to allow everyone to feel comfortable with each other. We often find help is most commonly needed at night for extra help when frequent trips to the bathroom, restlessness, and extra comfort increases. Using our caregivers to provide care during the night family can get a good night rest. In the morning our caregivers can provide bathing, change the bedding and have everything fresh after you have had a restful night of sleep. Visitors will be more welcome when you feel refreshed.

Caregiver Training:

Caregivers get hands on practice in our Skills Lab. This includes transferring techniques, using equipment to aid in movement, providing dignity during personal care, and safety measures. Our caregivers go through extra training in a variety of teaching methods. Experience as a caregiver from their own family or friends is the most common starting point. We compliment that with training courses on our corporate learning center courses designed by out Hospice Team. Hospice instructors provide classroom education on comfort measures, and emotional needs of the client and family in our ongoing in office continuing education.

We know we need to earn your trust in the first few minutes of your initial meeting. We want to leave you with a warm feeling of relief that you have made the right choice.


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I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your help with my Mom. She has grown very close to a couple of your care givers. Everyone is prompt and considerate of her needs. It’s comforting to know I have people who I can count on.
Sylvia R.