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Employee Thoughts About Interim HealthCare


We recently asked some of our office staff some questions about Interim HealthCare….here are their answers:

Why do you work for Interim HealthCare?
  • A group of caring individuals creating a team
  • Getting to help others
  • Gaining new knowledge each day
  • Opportunities to share knowledge
  • Really enjoying what we do each day
  • Helping the elderly and their families find a sense of normalcy in life
  • The support of the rest of our team
  • The daily challenges and feeling accomplished at the end of the day
  • Filling a need in our community with meaningful employment and care
What are you proud to share with others about Interim HealthCare?
  • The longevity of our in-office team and some of our core staff providing care
  • Taking pride in not overpromising or under-delivery
  • Ability to transition care between home care and home health as needed
  • We operate 24/7
  • We consistently follow our policies and procedures and operate ethically
  • We offer great opportunities for employment in our area of service
  • We offer free continuing education opportunities
  • We have a solid benefit plan to help staff
What do you admire in your teammates?
  • My teammates possess knowledge and I know I can ask when I have questions
  • Flexibility in daily activities to support each other
  • A solid sense of humor
  • A giving nature
  • Compassion in even routine tasks
  • Friendly spirit and big smiles
  • Reliability
  • Listening skills
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