Wound Care at Home

When you need wound care, you can trust Interim HealthCare to help you recover safely at home. Our clinicians are trained in wound care management, the healing process, and a wide range of wound products and devices.

Safe and Effective In-Home Wound Care

Healing wounds, especially at home, requires specialized care to prevent infection and reduce scarring. At Interim HealthCare, our skilled nurses and therapists are trained in the latest standards, products and safety measures of wound vac care at home. Our personalized, home health wound care program is designed to:

  • Improve patient comfort 
  • Decrease time spent on dressing changes 
  • Improve healing time 
  • Prevent complications 
  • Improve patient outcomes
Wound care nurse dresses her patients wound.

Seamlessly Transition From In-Patient to Care at Home

With our on-staff licensed nurses, we can provide a smooth transition from care in an in-patient facility to care at home without any gaps in service. Our team will work together with the in-patient facility and treating physician to provide personalized attention and ensure your loved one’s needs for transitional care, medication, and equipment are identified and met. Even if there are at home therapies that are needed, we can take care of that as well.

Experts in Home-based Wound Care Since 1966

When a loved one needs specialized wound care at home, you can depend on Interim HealthCare to deliver exceptional care. We’re committed to keeping our clinicians trained and up-to-date with the latest wound care treatments and products to ensure individuals receive the best care. Our personalized, holistic approach to care allows us to deliver a higher caliber of wound care to those facing the challenges of healing at home.