Home Care for Paraplegia & Quadriplegia

We’re here to help promote an independent, self-reliant life for people with spinal cord injuries through person-first, individualized care.

Creating Access and Adjustments

Whether you are beginning to adjust to life with a spinal cord injury or are looking for care professionals who will see and support you in your totality, Interim HealthCare can help you meet challenges and create safety and accessibility in your everyday life. With a proven background of clinical excellence and a standard of care rooted in individualized assistance, our healthcare professionals consider all of your needs when creating our holistic paraplegia treatment plans and quadriplegia treatment plans.  

What’s the Difference Between Paraplegia & Quadriplegia?

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are both types of paralysis that originate from damage within the spinal cord, occurring usually after an accident but occasionally due to chronic illness or disease. Paraplegia refers to paralysis, which affects the lower half of the body, and quadriplegia refers to paralysis, which affects the upper and lower body. Paralysis has no cure, but with our at home speech therapy, occupational therapy at home or in home physical therapy services many people can retain or regain some function over time. 

Here to Help You Navigate Your Normal

At Interim HealthCare, we know that paralysis can affect each individual very differently — so our care plans should be just as unique. Together with your physicians, therapists, and other medical professionals, we’ll craft a plan that can focus on:

  • Maintaining and improving functional skills through physical therapy
  • Promoting independence through occupational therapy
  • Providing medication reminders, assistance, and administration
  • Helping with the activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing
  • Assisting with routine home management issues such as housekeeping or laundry
  • Providing respite for family caregivers
  • Maintaining and operating necessary equipment, such as CPAP machines or lifts
  • Attending to problems of elimination, such as catheter management and bowel management

The Interim HealthCare Difference

Since 1966, we’ve been helping paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals navigate the unique challenges of disability through compassionate care. Whether you need specialized medical care, an everyday advocate, or something in between, we’re here to empower you to live as independently and joyfully as possible by focusing on what is possible.