Home Care for Hypertension

From daily measurements to habit changes, our home healthcare professionals can help your loved one effectively manage hypertension.

Healthy Blood Pressure Begins at Home

Hypertension — consistent blood pressure readings of 130/80 mm HG or higher — is the leading cause of preventable stroke, heart, and kidney diseases. With proper management and lifestyle changes, individuals with hypertension can lead long and healthy lives. Home care for hypertension can be an effective inflection point for making sustainable changes for positive health outcomes by providing:

  • Medication reminders and/or medication management 
  • Shopping 
  • Meal preparation 
  • Monitoring of healthy movement
Lifestyle Changes

A Partner and Guide in Lifestyle Changes

One of the most important parts of hypertension management is to make healthy choices when eating and exercising, both to help with weight loss and to avoid triggering foods. As each individual has different preferences in both dietary needs and exercise intensity, we know firsthand how important it is to make choices that your loved one can stick to. Working together, we’ll develop a nursing care plan for hypertension that includes a movement routine and menu that satisfies your loved one’s needs.

Specialists in Home Care for Hypertension

A hypertension diagnosis shouldn’t get in the way of a life well lived. Often, with proper management, hypertension patients go on to live long, fulfilling lives. We’ll be your loved one’s partner in understanding and managing this high blood pressure condition, so that they can make the appropriate changes in lifestyle with full knowledge and confidence. From planning and preparing healthy meals to encouraging daily movement and specialized nursing care for hypertension, we’ll help your loved one live their best in the comfort of home.