Transitional Care Services

When a patient is ready to transition from the hospital to home, or other post-acute care facility, Transitional Care Services from Interim HealthCare can make it a seamless process with optimal outcomes.

Our staff will manage all the details to ensure a patient and their family have the knowledge, guidance and resources required to transition safely. When the patient knows what to do and what to expect, they are better equipped to manage their condition and avoid unnecessary readmission.

Transitional Care Benefits:

  • Onsite access to transitional care coordination
  • Timely assessments of patient and family needs prior to discharge
  • Provides the information patients need to manage their care, such as home care services, discharge plans, follow-up appointments and treatments
  • Supports hospital staff with home care and post-acute care referrals
  • Expedites referrals for all types of post-acute care, including:
    • Home Healthcare
    • Hospice Care
    • Palliative Care
    • Personal Care and Support
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities & Rehabilitation
    • Specialized Discharge Needs (DME, Infusion, etc.)
  • Improves transition to the home care team, from contacting physicians and coordinating prescription pick-ups to confirming start-of-care date and insurance authorizations
  • Provides insights on post-acute care trends and data based on readmissions by diagnosis

By helping patients and their families become informed about the care process moving forward, they’re prepared to effectively manage their condition and reduce the risk of readmission.

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