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About Us

Interim Health Care of Santa Cruz is headed by Rama, Morgan and Ish.

About Us

We are a group of old friends who have known each other for years. We run Interim with a unique proposition: that it is possible to deliver quality care and take care of caregivers at the same time. We believe in having it all.. Providing quality care within the budget available while considering the varied needs of the caregivers, the family and the seniors. It’s a juggling act but it’s as more fun that way.

We have seen the needs of aging parents firsthand. Over the last five years we have seen parents fight aging and illness, and have had to deal with finding the best ways to deal with their steady decline. Ish’s dad used to say “old age is no fun”, and while that is true in so many ways, we at Interim Healthcare look to find ways to provide companionship and assistance on a daily basis so that our clients have something to look forward to every day.

We have family in healthcare and medicine and are experienced in finance and IT. We bring all these skills to bear as one complementary team to untie the Gordian knot and provide the best care within the budget available. We want to be among the first ones you call for advice or help when it comes to healthcare and we aim to be part and parcel of Santa Cruz / Monterey counties.

“Aging is an issue that all our communities have to deal with in the next few decades”, says Ish, “and our goal as owners is to be a positive force for the Santa Cruz/Monterey community and be of assistance to our senior citizens.”

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