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Interim Healthcare offers many quality in home care services to the Bergen County area

We strive to create a safe, engaging, happy environment for aging adults at home...whether it is their long time family home or a more recent move to assisted living community, nursing home, independent living community, or any other place.


It is a tough reality that aging adults often deal with issues they had not considered - and do not want. It happens in an instant...families come to us with an unexpected and immediate life changing issue. Their loved one has fallen, been diagnosed or treated for an illness and are now dealing with physical and or cognitive limitations. They might be at home, living with a relative or in an assisted living facility.


No matter where your loved one is, we work to make their dwelling place a comfortable home.


We join families in the journey of finding the best solution and supporting resources. We ask the questions that help them create a comprehensive care plan with our knowledgeable, kind caregivers, nurses and staff.