Autumn Home Preparation

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Posted: 10/2/2018 1:32 PM by Interim HealthCare
Autumn home preparation
The fall season brings many changes in weather.  Our loved ones, who are aging in place may need help maintaining their home and surroundings to stay safe. It is a good idea to be proactive ahead of anticipated inclimate weather. Our caregivers can help walk through this list. We suggest finding a local, reliable, handyman should the need for one arise. Ask neighbors, friends and family in and around the community for a trusted person. You can also seek out local community pages on Facebook on behalf of your loved one, to help screen and narrow down choices. If you live locally, take a walk around the interior and exterior of the property, making notes of findings for the handyman.  If you don’t live close enough,  our caregivers can help you walk through the list. Ultimately, you can ask the handy man to look over , provide an estimate and send pictures of findings.
  • Look for overgrown trees, bushes and shrubs. Trees that have dead branches and limbs and cause major damage during storms so be sure they are kept in sight. Also make note of  trees bushes and shrubs resting against the home for they offer direct access to insects and rodents.
  • Check property fences for repairs. And land for burrows, evidence of rodents. Also remove contaminants.. old paint cans,  old tires etc.
  • Look closely at the foundation for evidence of termite or rodents infestation. Look for fresh dug dirt or sawdust at any open entry points.  Also looks for holes in the ground close to the base of the house. Look at those entry areas for activity of insects and droppings. 
  • If leaves are piled be sure to have them removed or mulched. Standing piles of leaves is an ideal location for mold to grow and insects to breed.
  • If a wood burning fireplace on premise, check woodpile for pests. Be sure it is raised off the ground to prevent rot
  • Check fireplace flue for rodents, ash & build up. Should have it professionally cleaned every couple of years depending on the use.
  • Check, both indoor and out door lights  are working properly. Replace any bulbs
  • Check doorbell to ensure it works properly
  • Check handrails of all staircases to make sure they are secure
  • Check smoke/CO detectors to ensure they are working properly. (Change battery every October for good measure)
  • Inspect area around hot water heater/furnace to ensure properly ventilated
  • If oil tank is present, be sure there is oil for the winter months ahead
  • Check all plumbing for leaks, drippy faucets, and running toilets. Check plumbing under cabinets in both kitchens and bathrooms
  • Change air filters on central air/heat systems
  • Have dryer vent cleaned out
  • Make sure windows open and close properly and check for drafts. Seal any drafts
  • Be sure there is a working flashlight with batteries
In addition to having these items addressed, it is also the time to find help with snow removal. Be sure someone tends to the house and also the sidewalks stairs and surrounding if that applies. 

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