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Posted: 11/7/2018 10:00 AM by Interim HealthCare

Thoughtful Gifts for our Aging Loved ones


What do you buy a person who has everything they need. Our aging loved ones will tell you they don’t need anything  however, having simple things can be much appreciated and helpful. An older generation of simplicity sometimes misses out on the latest gadgets because those things just didn’t exist. We often take for granted that our loved ones know what we know. Keep in mind, most aren’t on social media, they don’t know the latest and greatest gadget .. so something you may find so simple, may be a game changer for them. Obviously the gift has to make sense for the person. If someone is fairly mobile, independent and on the go, you would choose gifts accordingly. For loved ones not so mobile, and need help, there are other choices to consider. Here are 10 ideas for those gifts that will be appreciated:

  1. A blanket - a simple blanket that is extra warm, maybe a family picture, or one with arms to watch TV, an electric blanket or even a weighted blanket.. all can be truly appreciated

  2. Slippers-cozy slippers with rubber soles make for a great gift. Swollen feet and ankles can feel very uncomfortable  confined in shoes. A rugged indoor outdoor warm slipper such as an UGG slipper make trips to the doctor much easier.

  3. A nice tote bag- A LL Bean monogrammed tote is sturdy  and durable. Outings sometimes require lots of extras. Medicine, a sweater, even meals. A pocketed tote such as a Scout bag keeps things in place rather than falling to the bottom

  4. An Echo Dot, Alexa or Google home - Yes the initial set up could be costly and quite confusing at first… but with a little patience and time teaching, this has proven to be a wonderful experience for many. Simply calling out ( Alexa, call my son) brings such joy in an instant.. Its also super helpful if an emergency occurs such as a fall,  an emergency or medical situation.

  5. Home maintenance and personal care - Yes! You can gift a contractor,  landscaper, or grocery delivery. Obviously, salon or barber work well also.

  6. Meal plan delivery- What better gift than a full belly. There are local services that can deliver prepared meals,  in addition to national companies like Blue Apron that allow an easy to prepare meal to be delivered.

  7. A Kindle, Tablet, Ipad - a wireless router and internet service is needed however if they are big readers, this could be a real joy. Small initial investment but big reward.

  8. A bird house/feeder - many aging seniors enjoy the activity and visits of birds. This is especially enjoyable during the winter months. Be sure to hang it where your loved one can easily fill the feeder. Also be sure to choose food that is completely consumed. If cleanliness is a concern, stay away from sunflower seeds as they tend to be messy.

  9. Music- A concert, a show,  whether it be the radio, an iPod, or a record player, music brings joy and inspires memories from a  generation that never ends. There are so many options available.

  10. Refinish, refurbish, reset- whether it be a piece of furniture, a piece of jewelry, or a piece of art.. something near and dear to their heart can be restored and enjoyed all over again.


With all that listed, one thing for sure that I love, is my family cookbook gifted to me by my mother in law. . It is filled with generations of family recipes and I treasure it. I love that I have her handwritten recipes and  other note cards with generous stains and chocolatey smudges from past use . I thought this was a super thoughtful gift and love the idea for future gifting and handing down to the next generation. Our upcoming generations are quite sentimental and love the mindful gifts given. It takes some time to put together but definitely worth it.

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