Weddings and Graduation with Aging parents

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Posted: 6/1/2018 12:37 PM by Interim HealthCare
Wedding season and graduation season is in full effect starting now and continues throughout the summer. There is no greater stress on a family than that of a wedding.  From past experience, weddings are much more accommodating, as the preparer of the event usually takes in to account every detail to accommodate all guests’ needs. On the other hand, a graduation, historically has no frills accommodations, consists of a long procession of graduates entering, several long speeches and calling graduates by name, which can be both exciting and grueling for an aging parent. Nevertheless, both hold challenges depending location,  expected participation and even the weather. Nonetheless, it is important to attend these great milestones and the celebration is usually a big one...  A graduation ceremony and party is no doubt much less stressful than a wedding but it is still an event that can be filled with obstacles. There are a few questions to ask, which in hindsight, may seem quite simple but we sometimes fail to see the challenges ahead of the anticipation and what should be so easy, can easily become a stressful day filled with obstacles, roadblocks frustration and disappointment. Here are a few thought provoking questions to ask yourself to be sure you come prepared.
  • Will it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Will there be shade?
  • Is it on a field?
  • Is there a walkway or just grass? 
  • Are there bleachers to climb and If so, will there be a chair available to sit in should your loved one may not be able to climb stairs...
That being said, there is so much to consider… So to be proactive, you should consider bringing the following:
  • A small light colored umbrella to shade personal space
  • Plenty of water and some hard candy or lozenges
  • Fill a zip lock back with ice and a towel and stow in a small cooler or an insulated lunch pouch that can easily pass for a purse.
  • Pack a hat, sunglasses, a personal fan and Sunblock
  • Keep a folding chair in the trunk of the car just in case seating is an issue
  • Snacks both savory and sweet. as perspiration eliminates much of the needed sodium and electrolytes and elderly are easily dehydrated.  
  • Dress for the occasion, (no dark clothes at outdoor sunny events)
  • Always bring a sweater 
  • Be aware of exits and restrooms.  
Also take note, in some schools, they may have an indoor viewing area. Call ahead to get details.
This is where we come in! In addition to home healthcare, Interim HealthCare of Bergen County, is excellent in coming along side you, to coordinate the care of  your aging parents in these unique situations,  allowing you to fully enjoy the moment, without the worry and guilt. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and capable of handling whatever comes your way that day. Whichever event you may be planning to attend, tending to an aging parent, while trying to pay attention, manage and orchestrate these events can be overwhelming. This is a monumental event and aging parents need your time and attention for the entire day, from getting ready for the event, getting to the event and finally, getting home from the event retiring in for the evening.  Our hope is for you to enjoy your family and special time. We understand and coordinate with our caregiver, to accommodate your loved ones needs. You can trust that your loved one is cared for, comfortable and has help to participate in as much as possible.  We plan and prepare with you, so you can focus on your event. Talk to us about your needs and we are happy to create a  resolution everyone is comfortable with. 

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