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Posted: 6/15/2018 9:27 AM by Interim HealthCare
Family Stay-cation vs. Vacation
Aging parents often feel they become a burden and sometimes they don’t want to admit when help is needed. The last thing they want to do is ruin a family vacation. For some of us, we think bringing our parents along is a great idea and it is and it can work for some families.  However,  for an aging parent, attempting to go along on the vacation may make them feel anxious and overwhelmed. While we think bringing our aging parents along and including them in on the activities is the right thing to do, most often, we don’t think or consider how enjoyable it really is going to be for them. If an aging parent is in good health, by all means ask them to join you and listen for an honest answer. But, if they are not well, mobile or have other complications this is really a time to thoughtfully consider just how enjoyable it will be for them and you.   
There is usually a tremendous amount of thought when planning a vacation and having to accommodate someone either elderly or disabled complicates it further. The whole experience can be stressful, especially when trying to plan a vacation that is enjoyable for everyone. After carefully considering all parties involved, if your loved one isn’t quite up for the adventure, it may seem fit to either bring someone along for companionship while your doing the things they cant do and to help administer medication, ensure meals are on time and they are comfortable. The alternative is having someone come in to the home to care for your loved one, while you are away. This is where Interim Healthcare of Bergen County will come along side you, with full support to help you feel comfortable during your reprieve. We are confident that with our staff caring for your loved one, you can be sure your loved one is being well cared for and you will return renewed and refreshed  
If the choice is a stay-cation, together, we can create a plan to ensure your loved one has a most enjoyable time during their stay-cation. Our caregivers are compassionate, creative and flexible. Our caregivers can keep loved ones engaged, active and connected to their environment finding a variety of ways to help them have fun. We can also take them on errands, doctors’ appointments, and for medical treatments. We can come daily, nightly or even stay in house. Our services are fully customizable and there is no long-term commitment required.  If you are planning a vacation with an elderly, aging, parent, disabled parent or special needs child or loved one and not sure if this is the right trip for them, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

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