Same Day Surgery and Beyond

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Posted: 7/18/2018 10:01 AM by Interim HealthCare
Same Day Surgery and beyond
Some seniors experience medical conditions that may require surgery.  Today, most simple procedures are done in a same day surgery center, sending individuals home to recuperate.  In truth, because of this, many people, including aging seniors,  hold off on much needed surgeries because of the rehabilitation and healing time at home.  Let’s be honest, there is no place better to recover than in the comfort of your own home and when you live alone, this may be a deterrent and make it an impossible hurdle. That said, Interim Healthcare of Bergen County could help you or your loved one get through this healing time with a home care plan that is just right for you.  We will consult with you, to ensure your experience from beginning to recovery at home is safe and comfortable. Here  is a brief list
  • Foot Surgery – bunion, hammertoe
  • Hernia Surgery - groin, umbilical, hiatal
  • Wound Care – change bandages, tubing, dressings, drainage
  • Medical – medication distribution by mouth or injection
We can accommodate all your medical needs through a care plan created for your or your loved ones specific condition, while providing much needed help for daily living. Such as:
  • Light housekeeping
  • Pick up and drop off prescriptions,
  • Follow up doctor visits.
Alternatively, the same goes for cosmetic or an elective surgery. We understand that sometimes recuperating at home after one of these procedures is difficult. We understand that cosmetic surgery is private and being discreet is just one of the many benefits using Interim Health Care Bergen County.  If you are thinking about having a procedure done and want to discuss a care plan, we are happy to work with you.  Some examples:
  • Transportation to and from center
  • Augmentation – breast augmentation, breast reduction
  • Plastic Surgery- liposuction, implants, facelift
  • Wound/Incision Care- Drainage, bandage changes
  • Breast Surgery - Mastectomy, lumpectomy
This is helpful for families that are a long distance away from loved ones or managing a work life balance and cant be there to help with care. There is no long-term commitment and with proper planning, we can gauge just how long your care plan would need to be giving you a timeline of the recovery period and costs. Our ultimate goal is that we want to help everyone to be safe and well cared for in the comfort of his or her own home. 

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