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For generations, a community has served a vital role in terms of acting as a support system and offering a way to bring people together. With our society moving at a faster pace with busy schedules and the frequency people change jobs, homes and locations, it makes it harder to make a connection and feel part of something bigger than yourself.  As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to the community we serve. Each year, our employees participate in a variety of community activities and support a number of worthwhile organizations. A strong community benefits the individual, the community as well as the greater society. People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives, and strong communities create a more stable and supportive society. This is directly related to our Interim HealthCare mission – We Improve People’s Lives.

The Linda Carr Caregiver Awards Recognition

The Linda Carr Caregiver Awards Recognition Lunch

Tammy Quinones
Caregiver Nomination - 2015

Tammy exemplifies exactly what Interim Healthcare Personal Care & Support Services, represents!  She has worked for us since January of 2014 and is truly a pleasure to work with.  Tammy is a very knowledgeable caregiver and because of her experiences we know we can utilize her skills in many different environments.  Her dedication for caregiving goes deep; in her “spare” time she is going to school to obtain her MA degree.

Tammy knows when to relay her client’s comments to the office and family.  She is consistent in keeping the communications flowing.  We know her as the “go-to-gal”.   She works to take care of her clients, but also makes sure our other caregivers have the support they need when working in an independent or assisted living community.
Tammy Quinones
Tammy is compassionate with everyone and always goes above and beyond to maintain our ethical standards.  She has the integrity to strive for perfection.  Tammy is the leader that all caregivers should strive for. 

One of her clients said – “She is very caring, sincere, gentle, calming and soothing.  She’s always there when you need her.  We adore her!” Tammy knows how to change with the situation and mood of each client.

Another client said of her – “she is an amazing person!”
We nominate her because she is what any company would hope for in an employee.  She is always smiling, works well with all types of clients and is willing to take on any task assigned.

Lynn Tappan
Caregiver Nomination – 2015

Lynn TappanWe are proud to nominate Lynn as the caregiver of 2015 because of her dependability and willingness to take on shifts without hesitation.  She has been with Interim HealthCare Personal Care & Support Services since January 2011!  Lynn takes on challenges with the dedication and passion that goes beyond expectations.  Her clients enjoy her company, her care, as well as her work ethic.  She has the ability to adapt her skill sets to fit each client’s needs.

The clients, and family, praise of Lynn’s abilities include – “Lynn always reports to me if my mother is having a good or bad day.  It is nice to know that not only will I get to hear if my mother is having a bad day, but I also get to hear when she’s having a good day!” 

Another testimonial – “Lynn has been my caregiver for 3 ½ years – she is always there when I need her.  She reads to me since my eyes don’t work.  A great cook!  She is caring and soft.  I couldn’t imagine not seeing her every week to care for me.”

With a new client that requires a high level of care, Lynn is one of the first caregivers we call.  Having a person who can easily adjust to new situations, thinks on her feet, is very skilled and has a very positive attitude gives Interim the comfort in knowing that any situation she is sent into will have a positive outcome! 

Roxy Gray
Caregiver Nomination – 2015

Interim Healthcare Personal Care & Support’s nomination oRoxy Grayf Roxy is best stated by a daughter whose mother is cared for by her.

 “I wholeheartedly recommend Roxy for the Caregiver of the Year Award.  She is a wonderful, excellent caregiver who takes the time to talk with Sally, ask questions, and see how she is feeling. 

She is conscientious and ensures that my mother is well taken care of.  Picks up around the apartment, and cleans the kitty litter (no fun task).  My mother always feels comfortable with Roxy, and easily shares her feelings because of this comfort factor.

When working with my mother, Roxy gives me ideas of how to make things easier for care of my mother.  There are many times that Roxy has made suggestions, and when implemented, make for a much easier process for cleaning or reminding my mother about appointments.

It is not often that you find a person whom you can trust with cherished relatives.  Roxy is one of those individuals, and I feel very blessed to have found such a caring person to work with my mother.”

Another clients says – “She is very knowledgeable and was able to come in to care for mom while I was at the hospital with dad.  She was excellent and adapted very well to mother’s anxiety.”

Roxy is always willing to jump in and help where and when needed.  Her smile is contagious and her people-person personality wins you over very quickly!

Julia “Lynn” Smith
Caregiver Nomination – 2015

Julia “Lynn” SmithLynn really loves caregiving and the interaction with her clients, which is why we are proud to nominate her for caregiver of 2015!  She has been with Interim HealthCare Personal Care & Support Services since December 2013 and has consistently shown to be reliable.  Lynn has the ability to put her clients’ needs before hers.  She is willing to take on any new task without hesitation and is willing to travel to any assignment.

One of her clients said of Lynn – “She is very kind, lots of energy, a bad case of good attitude, extremely reliable.  I know she loves my mom – you can see it in her care.  The joy she gives mom is important.  She even sings to her!”

Another client says - “Lynn always comes in with a big smile and a happy attitude which is important to me. She always asks how I am and if I have had a good night. When I have bad day she is always there to listen to me and make me feel better.  I love that I can vent to her about my personal problems and she listens with an open ear and always has kind words to say to me. She makes my day every time she is with me.”

Lynn rarely says no to a job!  She is definitely one of our “go to” people and does so with a great smile and a very positive attitude, even in difficult situations.