Flu Season is Coming!

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Posted: 10/15/2019 10:10 AM by Interim HealthCare
Just like beautiful fall leaves and the advent of the holiday season… but less welcomed by far is flu season! Here in our area of New York flu season tends to begin sometime in November and continue through until May. Flu is particularly damaging to our older neighbors and friends. Not only do they tend to be hit harder, a nasty bout of the flu can take weeks to fully recover from! How can we help everyone stay healthy this flu season? Here are a few tips.
  1. Get vaccinated against the flu. Vaccines are available at your doctor’s office or your local pharmacy. Those over 65 should consider getting one of the vaccines specially enhanced for the over 65 population. Some mild inflammation at the injection site as well as some mild symptoms like a transitory low-grade fever may be possible, but it is a myth that you can get the full-blown flu from a flu shot. The virus in the shot is inactive and CANNOT cause the flu.
  2. Avoid crowds.  Once flu has been declared prevalent in the state, it’s a good idea to avoid crowds when possible, especially if that crowd is in a confined space. While it’s not always possible to stay in, limiting the number of crowd exposures can help.
  3. Keep things (and hands) clean. Frequent handwashing is a good practice for avoiding all kinds of germs, including the common cold as well as the flu. Also, use those wipes provided by stores to wipe down your shopping cart. When visiting friends in the hospital, use the hand sanitizer station on entering and leaving.
  4. Hang with other people who have been vaccinated. The more people who get the vaccine, the more we all protect each other from the flu. This is called “herd immunity” and it is especially important for protecting the most vulnerable among us. People who cannot be vaccinated, such as infants below 6 months of age and people whose immune system can’t handle vaccines.
The flu vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing flu. This is because viruses mutate and change each season, and sometimes over the course of a season. Depending upon the circulating strains of flu each year, some years are better than others for protection. Even in an off year, however, the vaccine does help make the flu milder if you contract the illness despite a shot. 

At Interim HealthCare we wish you a healthy flu season, without a visit from the virus!

Dee Tocci
Director of Nursingget your flu shot


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