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Posted: 11/27/2018 6:30 AM by Interim HealthCare
Contributed by Cynthia Mitchell RN
This year, I sent my first born off to college. (heart-wrenching by the way).  My other two are super busy, not to mention relatively independent, so they often make meals for themselves on the go. I find myself facing the challenge of making dinners for two. Again. And, apparently, I have lost my knack! Years of cooking for not only a family of 5 but also for whatever friends happen to be over has created my propensity toward casseroles and large serving sizes.
I was recently discussing my dilemma with a beloved client. An elegant and accomplished woman in her 90s, she chuckled with a knowing look as I described my dawning realization that this is, indeed, a very real struggle.  And she pointed out that similar struggles face us as we age. She shared that she simply doesn’t eat as much as she once did. (This is normal, provided a person is maintaining a healthy weight.)
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Cooking for one or two people with small appetites, while still making the meal pleasing and satisfying, takes some creativity. She also shared that, when others prepare a meal for her, there is often just too much food on the plate.
She finds that plates filled with too much food can lead to a sort of overwhelming feeling, as she knows right away that she cannot eat everything there. How this overwhelming feeling actually makes her lose some of her appetite! (Obviously, the opposite of what we want.)
A neat solution I recently discovered: MUG MEALS! Who knew!?! Single serving deliciousness that one can whip up in a couple of minutes. (There are prefab things in the store for cakes and such, but frankly I find that homemade tastes a thousand times better, not to mention being better for you.) I thought I would share some of my new favorites!
My tips for a great mug meal:
  1. To me, the right mug is essential. The idea of getting my hands messy digging down into a deep mug with my spoon or fork just doesn’t appeal to me.  I personally prefer a short wide mug, such as a sturdy cappuccino mug.
  2. Ice cube trays are super handy! For instance, you are making mug pizzas. Obviously, you don’t need the whole jar of pizza sauce. So, freeze the rest of the sauce in ice cube trays, pop them out once they’re frozen, and store in a labelled Ziploc bag for future use! Easy peasy!
  3. Serve with some gusto! Put the mug on a nice plate, perhaps with bite size soft fruit or vegetable on the side. With smaller portions, adding color appeals to the eye and helps create a truly satisfying and enjoyable meal.  
Here are a couple neat recipes I’ve found!
One Minute Chocolate Banana Mug Cake
by Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking
Photo courtesy of
Anyone who knows me is not surprised that I started with the chocolate! Ha! Seriously though, this recipe is ready in a jiffy and high in protein to boot!
Check out the recipe HERE!
Avocado Mug Macaroni and Cheese
By Kirbie’s Cravings
Photo courtesy of
I love this one! Super easy, great source of protein, and the healthy benefits of avocado! And let’s face it.. Mac n Cheese, people! The ultimate comfort food! You can find this fun recipe HERE!
1-minute Microwave Quiche in a Mug
By Full Thyme Student
Goodness knows I love me some quiche! This mini version is super versatile, and you can experiment with all different add ins! You can find the basic recipe HERE!
I hope you found some inspiration today for some delicious, easy, single portion meals! Blessings friends!
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