Benefits of Working with a Home Care Agency vs. a Private Caregiver

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Posted: 11/7/2017 11:14 AM by Interim HealthCare
Benefits of Working with a Home Care Agency vs. a Private Caregiver

Once you’ve come to the decision that an in-home caregiver will be beneficial for a senior loved one, there are a number of factors that still need to be considered. Perhaps the biggest choice you’ll need to make is whether to hire someone through a private source, like answering a classified ad in the newspaper or hiring a friend-of-a-friend, or to work with a professional home care agency.
While at first glance it may seem like a good idea to hire privately and cut back on cost a bit, there are some serious repercussions with going this route. We’ve outlined just a few of the concerns that can arise with a private caregiver:
  • An unverified background. When hiring a caregiver on your own, you really can’t be sure what the person’s background is. Does the person have a criminal record? Are his or her references legitimate? What about training and education verification? Reputable home care agencies, like Interim HealthCare, perform extensive background screenings including fingerprinting, interviewing, and training to ensure that any caregiver placed in a senior’s home is someone who can be fully trusted and has the senior’s best interests in mind at all times. At Interim HealthCare, our registered nurses oversee our caregiving team to make sure that client care is guided by a healthcare professional.

  • Who’s the employer? Many families are unaware that hiring a private caregiver means that they, the family and their senior loved one, become the caregiver’s employer – meaning they are responsible for all federal and state mandated taxes, Social Security, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance. Not only that, but if the caregiver should become injured while on the job, it’s the senior and his or her family who are responsible for medical bills and potentially unemployment and disability compensation, which can be significant. Home care agencies that hire their caregivers, such as Interim HealthCare, serve as the caregivers’ employer, removing the responsibility from the family.

  • Replacement care. There are times in every caregiver’s life when illness, vacations, personal issues, and other reasons prevent them from being able to care for senior clients. With a privately hired caregiver, there’s no backup care in place – leaving the family scrambling at the last minute to provide care for their loved one when the caregiver is unavailable. Home care agencies, however, that have fully trained and experienced backup caregivers at the ready, provide greater assurance of seamless, high quality care – even when a senior’s primary caregiver is unavailable.
Hiring a caregiver is a critical decision for the safety and wellbeing of your senior loved one. We’d love to talk with you further about the benefits of selecting a caregiver through Interim HealthCare, allowing for reduced stress and worry for you, and the very best possible level of care for your loved one. Contact our New York state-licensed home care agency any time at (518) 452-3655 for our Albany location, or at (518) 798-6811 for our Glens Falls location. We are here to help you with any questions you might have or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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