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Posted: 6/7/2019 4:19 PM by Interim HealthCare
As her only child, you have become a caregiver for your mom.  She still lives on her own, but she relies on you for a lot, including managing her many medications and over the counter supplements.  Sometimes it seems like an extra full-time job.

Studies of the senior population show that 87% of seniors take at least one prescription medication and 36% take five or more every day.  Many also take over the counter medication or supplements.  Medication mistakes, misunderstandings, and interactions account for an alarming number of senior hospitalizations.  How can you keep it all straight and be sure your mother is protected from harm?

A professional Medication Management program may be just what you are looking for to ease your mind and help your mom be safe at home.  What should you be looking for from a medication management service?
  1. The service should be managed and delivered by a Registered Nurse. 
  2. The nurse should take a history and get a comprehensive listing of all medications your parent is taking, including supplements.
  3. The list should be verified with every visit to a medical provider with all changes recorded.
  4. All meds on the list should be checked for possible interactions with foods and with one another.  Education is provided about how to observe for signs of interactions and for common side effects.
  5. Periodic medication reconciliation should take place. This happens when the list is checked against the lists maintained by your parent’s doctors and pharmacy.
  6. The nurse makes periodic visits to fill med boxes or machines and monitors your parent for medication effects.
  7. Refills should be called in to the pharmacy before your parent runs out of medication.  Pick up or delivery should be arranged.
  8. The nurse communicates your parent’s outcomes and progress with your parent’s Primary Care Physician and advocates for his/her best health interests.
If you would like more information about Medication Management through Interim HealthCare, please contact us.  We stand ready to help in any way we can.

Submitted by
Dee Tocci, RN, MSN
Director of HealthCare Services
Interim Healthcare NENY

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