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Posted: 6/18/2019 10:30 AM by Interim HealthCare
Homecare suggests two things: the minefield it has become to navigate and the people who populate it. Today, I’d like to write about the caregivers themselves that I have met. I hold them in great regard as they preform a job I could never do.

My mom was an RN who did private duty before becoming the school nurse in the high school I attended. My dad was an exercise therapist at the local VA. I lived with caregivers, people who made it their life’s work. I find I am not cut from the same cloth. What is it that makes them able to do this job, day in and day out?

We have all types of individuals working at here at Interim HealthCare: ages, nationalities, education levels, part timers, full timers, seasonal, day shifts, mid shifts, night owls. But they all have the commitment to spend their time helping folks who are transitioning through life from their regular lives to needing the helping hand. This can take many forms: minimal hours, occasional support for daily assistance, temporary help for recovery or terminal care. The caregivers must adapt to the situation, the person, the family, and help to see things run smoothly. Always a learning situation for all, this is what they do. They might spend their day darting from case to case, spending a few hours at each house, attending to tasks before heading out to the next. Or maybe they’re part of a multi-shift case and a member of a team, working together toward one goal. This is the job; this is their job.

I meet them when they come to the office. They stop and share their stories of their day, working with our clients. They are animated, excited, funny, sad, and always concerned about their charges.  They have come to know their clients in ways only time spent can explain. They are our eyes and ears and our direct connection to our clients. It’s all in the connections and communication. Connections with clients, connections with families, connections with the nurses and schedulers. Our caregivers are the bedrock of our company.

On paper the service might look simple but when you look closer and when it’s done right, it’s anything but.                 
Kudos to all who do this job. We just wish we had more of them …

Susan McLaughlin
interim healthcare staff with a patientan interim healthcare nurse with a patient

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