Senior Care in Albany: When is it time?

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Posted: 1/24/2019 3:36 PM by Interim HealthCare

As you've watched your parents grow older, a part of you has probably been waiting for the time when your family will need to make important decisions about their comfort and care. As hard as it can be to accept that the people who raised you may not be able to care for themselves, it's better to work out a senior care plan before one of your older relatives in Albany, NY are truly at risk at home.

Signs It's Time for Senior Care 

If you're unsure whether or not it's time to look into senior care for your loved one, consider the following categories and how they relate to your family members' current state:

  • How they look. Noticeable changes in your loved one's appearance could signify that they need help taking care of themselves. An elderly relative's personal hygiene may take a hit if they're nervous about falling down in the shower, or if they're growing increasingly confused or forgetful. Their clothing may also appear wrinkled, stained, or otherwise disheveled if bigger tasks, like doing laundry — or finicky ones like fastening their buttons — are no longer doable. Long, unkempt nails, shaggy hair, and pronounced body odor can also indicate that a loved one needs senior care to look and feel their best. 
  • How they act. Forgetfulness is a very well-known sign of dementia, so if your loved one appears less certain of past events or is unable to retain new information you share, it could warrant some form of senior care. However, this isn't the only behavioral change to look out for. Mood swings, lack of energy, and general social withdrawal could all hint that the time has come to check out home care options in the local area. 
  • How they clean. Clutter, especially in a typically clean home, can be a big red flag for seniors living on their own. Things like broken appliances, piles of junk mail, and other build-up may mean that their cleaning habits have changed, potentially because of physical pain or a cognitive shift. These changes could put them at greater risk of a fall, an accident, or some form of self-neglect that could affect their health and well-being.

Talk to a Senior Care Provider in Albany 

Have you noticed changes in a loved one's appearance or actions that could mean they need senior care? Call Interim HealthCare of Albany today at (518) 452-3655 to book a free consultation in Albany, Glen Falls, or the New York Capital area. We can help you determine the care that's right for your loved one and ensure they're well-cared for at home.

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