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Posted: 8/7/2019 3:20 PM by Interim HealthCare
I always believe that for the most part of life, you get as much, and sometimes more, than what you give.  I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this act of kindness in my own personal life and in the field of home care with our aides and clients.

Sometimes aides can feel a little unsure of themselves: whether it be a simple task or something relating to the clients’ needs.  On the other hand, clients can also have some of the same similar feelings with the aide’s capability with meeting their needs.  Maybe it’s just the thought of having someone unfamiliar in their home.  This takes balance and ultimately a little “give and take.”
give and take
When they both “give and take,” it’s a beautiful dance that both clients and aides not only benefit from but can blossom from.  This one step helps to transform the aides into better care givers and clients (for the most part, elders) feeling still useful for themselves and others.  The benefits are endless.

Here is one example:  I have one client who is quite fussy, has very little family and well sadly is very lonely.  I have sent a few different aides in the past and when I feel like there may be a connection, I receive that call to find someone new.  I had a new aide starting who was very shy and quiet.  The aides calm, respectful and caring demeanor had won over this particularly challenging client.  Now when I talk with client, she is so cheerful greeting me with a “Hi muchacha” (hi girlie).  Even calling me up to tell me a quick joke, or what her cat “got into this time”.

Never under-estimate the wisdom of our elders and the power of KINDNESS.
Brenda Gabino
Client Service Supervisor
laugh and love
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