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Posted: 9/30/2021 8:15 AM by Interim HealthCare

Supporting your nursing staff should be a top priority as a medical administrator. Burnout is a widespread issue in this field, leading to turnover rates that can put even more pressure on your team. Working with nursing agencies in Mount Laurel is one way to help your staff, as you can bring in qualified care professionals to support them. However, what can you do in your day-to-day management to help ease the pressure on your current employees? 

Tips for Supporting Your Staff from Nursing Agencies in Mount Laurel

Interim HealthCare of Mount Laurel has been there for local medical providers in times of need. We understand how higher patient-to-nurse ratios and the effects of COVID-19 have left more care professionals feeling burnt out and ready to quit. In addition to our staffing services, our nursing agency in Mount Laurel can provide guidance on retaining and supporting your team. 

This is a time of unprecedented strain for healthcare workers in Mount Laurel and across the country. We recommend the following adjustments to boost morale and prevent burnout: 

  • Try to honor any scheduling preferences or request when you can - This can be difficult when you're understaffed and overwhelmed, but do your best to give your team the shifts they request and be flexible about time off. Show your staff you are listening.
  • Express appreciation for your team and recognize their impact often - It's easy to only focus on mistakes or what could have been done better. Never miss an opportunity to praise your nursing staff and reiterate the good that they are doing. 
  • Make self-care information and resources available - Recommend self-care practices and, if possible, provide resources for your team on-site or for them to pursue in their free time. This can include meditation courses, counseling sessions, providing healthy foods, etc. 

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At Interim HealthCare of Mount Laurel, we recognize all the work you do each day to help others during this unprecedented time. We offer medical staffing services in the Mount Laurel area to help you find the support you need as quickly and effectively as possible. Our nursing agency serves medical practices and hospitals in the following: 

  • Mount Laurel
  • Medford
  • Moorestown
  • Chesterfield
  • And throughout the surrounding area

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