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From short-term assistance after a hospital stay to long-term help with everyday tasks, and from highly specialized medical care to daily companionship, we’re here to help provide the individualized care your loved one needs to thrive.

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About Us

Our locally owned office has been providing high-quality home healthcare and staffing services in West Michigan for over a decade. Since 2011, we have expanded our services with new locations in Muskegon, Lansing, and Kalamazoo, ensuring our patients have access to the care they need, when they need it. Our skilled homecare, personal care, staffing, and hospice teams are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to patients of all levels of need.
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National Association of Home Care and Hospice
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The Partnership for Quality Home Health
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What Our Community is Saying

The nurse[s] and therapist[s] were all so kind with LOTS of patience. They showed up on time, and very good with treatments.
Skilled Homecare Patient, Spouse.
The Hospice staff of Interim HealthCare® Hospice was loving and kind to our father in the last weeks and days of his 100 years, we're so grateful for being able to give him a peaceful transition from this life to his New Life.
Hospice Patient, Family Member.
Thank you for the great care my husband and I received from your company. In the future, I would recommend [Interim®] to anyone who needs services.
Hospice Patient, Spouse.
I work as a staff scheduler for a skilled nursing facility. Interim® has provided us with consistent, high quality care givers. I really appreciate Interims efforts to send the same caregivers to our facility as it helps create continuity of care for our residents. I would highly recommend them!
Staffing Client, Nicole J.
Interim was so fast to respond with the coverage we needed for our dad. The staff was so kind, prompt and reliable. They offered us peace of mind during a difficult transition.
Homecare Client, Christine.
In the past 2 years I had homecare for several weeks two times, my previous agency was so bad that I refused to accept yours. The rehab facility talked me into trying Interim® and I am very happy and pleased with it. The care between the two can't be compared. Interim® was Excellent!!
Skilled Homecare Patient.
I was very pleased with the care I received. I was unfamiliar with this agency and therefore, reluctant to use Interim®. My experience was awesome!
Skilled Homecare Patient.

What’s Happening

Kay Sumner, IT & Content Manager
Apr. 11

Stephanie Evans-Mattson, CNA

Stephanie shines as a beacon of unwavering commitment to Interim’s Hospice division. As a Hospice Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Stephanie's journey towards making a meaningful impact has been nothing short of inspiring.

Having worked at a Skilled Nursing Facility since the age of 19, Stephanie was already deeply embedded in the field of healthcare. However, she wanted to do more, wishing that she had the ability to go above and beyond for each individual she cared for. It was through a casual conversation with a friend that she discovered an opportunity at Interim Healthcare Hospice, and today, she can't imagine herself doing anything else.

Stephanie proudly calls Interim her home, where she has found a supportive community that shares her values and passion for caregiving. At the heart of Stephanie's dedication lies her genuine love for people and her innate ability to bring joy into their lives. She firmly believes in the power of personal connections and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients feel valued and cherished. From learning to give haircuts, to organizing a "Spa day" instead of a bath once a week, she finds joy in bringing moments of luxury and comfort to those under her care.

Music runs deep in Stephanie's life, known by her family, friends, and coworkers to hum a tune or sing along to a good song. This love for music transcends into her work, where she often incorporates melodies to uplift the spirits of her clients. One particular patient had expressed how much they loved playing the guitar in their youth but had to give it up since they could no longer hold one. Stephanie caught wind of this and took it upon herself to hunt down a mandolin to gift the patient, wanting nothing in return aside from a smile and a song. The gift immediately put a huge smile on their face and soon after, started playing chord after chord. Even though she was not there to witness how much the music affected that patient, knowing that something small that only took her a bit of effort could make a huge impact on someone's life satiates her determination to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Away from the healthcare setting, Stephanie indulges her love for thrifting and is always on the lookout for hidden treasures and fun decor to spruce up her home. Reflecting on her deeply spiritual nature and her continuous journey toward personal growth, she finds solace in her faith and actively participates in her church community. Stephanie spends her free time singing in the choir and attending Discipleship class; She makes sure to set aside time for her family and is also very proud to have recently become a grandmother!

Stephanie Evans-Mattson's journey exemplifies the profound impact that a compassionate individual can have on the lives of others. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with her genuine love for people, makes her a true asset not only to Interim HealthCare of West Michigan but to the broader community she serves. In her hands, every moment becomes an opportunity to make a difference, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and compassion for generations to come.

Kay Sumner, IT & Content Manager
Feb. 21

Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Ireland 

When Stephanie Ireland started working as an LPN, she loved the clinical care aspect of her job; however, she wanted to make a bigger impact at the facility. She didn’t hold a leadership role at the time, so she decided to back to school, get her RN license, and return to that facility as the new director of nursing for 16 years.

The Skilled Home Care office was just 4 years old when Stephanie joined the team as a Clinical Supervisor. Even though she started in a leadership role, Stephanie has always been willing to do whatever it takes to get her patients the care they need. In addition to being a leader to look up to, she continues to provide direct patient care from Muskegon to Holland.

Throughout her time at Interim, Stephanie has amassed a Rolodex of knowledge and years of experience and yet, every day she is learning something new and sharing her knowledge with everyone on her team in her patented no-nonsense way that all of us know and love. She has developed close professional relationships with not only her nursing staff but also with other clinical teams. Since our patients are unable to leave their homes, she saw an opportunity to collaborate with one provider in particular at a mobile wound clinic and they have continued to seamlessly work together on several patients.

When she is not caring for her patients or nursing team, Stephanie is taking care of her two dogs, Abby and Bella, her chickens, and her rooster, Hercules. To further satiate her knack for learning new things, she has tried dog grooming and even sold handmade ceramics in the past. Most recently she has enjoyed crocheting blankets and stuffed toys for her grandkids.

Since her humble beginnings as an LPN at that facility in Bad Axe, Stephanie has grown into a phenomenal nurse. She is approachable, a great educator, provides expert care, and is dedicated to her work. The nurses she supervises and office staff here know too well, that if you have a question the answer is always, “Ask Ireland”.

Stephanie ireland and Family, A recent crochet project, Puppy Bella and one of her silkie chickens!
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