The Story of Delores

Dolores is the beloved matriarch of a seriously large family. With a slew of kids, and a dozen of so grandchildren, this close knit but sprawling Southern family is fond of great big get-togethers and family outings. Since most everyone lives nearby, the family is able to help one another out. And not surprisingly, everyone relies on Dolores.

But what happens when the one person everybody counts on for help is the one who needs help? The answer is simple: pull together as a family, and count on Interim HealthCare.

After her innovative open-heart valve replacement procedure, Interim partnered with Dolores’s family members to help her recover. Her husband likes to talk about how shocked her doctor was that she was even able to walk prior to the surgery.  Her artery, which should have had the diameter the size of a quarter, had narrowed to the size of a pea.

Her post-surgery recovery has been spent in the constant company of a rotating set of family members, and the constant presence of her husband. To make the process more comfortable for Dolores, he had her medical equipment set up in the couples charming and airy sunroom.

Robert, her Interim HealthCare nurse, monitors her valve function, her activity level and recuperation. Low key, highly experienced and completely unflappable, Robert understands that most open heart surgery patients are afraid to do anything after surgery for fear of a relapse. He knows that just the opposite is true.  The heart is a muscle, which like all muscles, only grows stronger when it’s pushed a little. He is proud of the fact that within four weeks of surgery, his patients are up, dressed, moving, walking a mile a day and often even driving!

As he puts it, “My goal with every patient I have is to eventually get myself ‘fired’. To help them get to that point where they don’t need me.” He smiles and continues. “When they don't need me anymore, then I know that I’ve done my job.”

And while the hope is that soon, Dolores will no longer need Robert, the fact is that her family will always need Dolores.